What would happen if political parties as we currently know them collapsed during a contentious presidential election year? What would happen if one party dissolved, only to be replaced by a new party with a wholly different agenda for the nation? Set in the near future, The Transformation: GTE 45, gives its readers a glimpse of an America that has been completely transformed politically, economically and socially.  The novel is told through the story of its three main characters living forty-five years after the ‘Great Transformation’ has remade the United States of America into the Corporate States of America (C.S.A).

Paul Gaugin, classified by his Learning Center as a Wage Earner (“WE”), works as a 3-D graphic designer, but dreams of being a real artist. He falls on hard times and is given one last chance to prove himself as a “Maker” and not a “Taker” at City University. There, he meets Layla Saenz, raised in the Projects but who “tests out” to become a high-ranking history professor and author. Layla becomes entangled in a love triangle between Paul and the powerful Reverend Isaac Freeman, the head of the Church of the Revealed Saints, now America’s official state religion. The lives of these three individuals intersect as each navigates the new realities of this transformed America and reveals the secret history of how the United States of America was supplanted by the C.S.A.

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