Suburbia Awaits You (arms open)

“Suburbia 101” reads the title of the article in Sunday’s (3/27/16) New York Time’s Real Estate Section. Its purpose: to give all you aspiring New York City dwellers the head’s up that your future may not lie in the city, but in that suburb you fled for what you hoped was the more dynamic and diverse life of NYC (or substitute any other appealing American city). And for those who grew up in NYC, particularly in one of the boroughs, you too are being pushed out of the neighborhoods you grew up in. Even those areas where, until about a decade ago, Manhattanites never dreamed of stepping foot in, are now out of reach for many. So, no surprise, the New York Times is now guiding you all to the suburbs with this assurance from a smiling Douglas Elliman real estate agent: “I tell everyone…We don’t revoke your citizenship when you go to the suburbs. You’re allowed back.”

And, for sure, you will be. Like children with their noses pressed up against a window, eyeing at all the goodies they can only dream of. Welcome to GTE 45.

Read the future: The Transformation: GTE 45   Link to:




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