The NY Times states: The GOP Unravels

Today the NY Times announced on its front page, “The GOP Unravels as Party Faces Trump Takeover.” This basic scenario is predicted in The “Transformation: GTE 45.”

“…the hoped for Republican unity never materialized. Stone never even got through his acceptance speech before half the delegates walked out and reconvened three days later in Houston. Led by Texas Governor Pablo Cross and Tennessee Senator Randall Carey, who gave a fiery welcoming address to the assembled, they immediately voted to join with a small, mostly unknown political party, the Founders Action Party, “FAP.” They vowed to “take back” the nation and remake it as originally envisioned by its Founding Fathers. To that end they nominated businessman Ted Ganar as the first FAP presidential candidate.

The Republican presidential candidate, Stone, remained on the ballot but to no one’s surprise, went down to defeat. Ganar, while unbelievably, popular fared no better because the FAP was unable to get on sufficient state ballots. No matter. The FAP was actually elated to see the country repudiate the last standing Republican. The Democratic candidate, Emily Harris, won handily due to the disarray of the Republican Party and the FAP’s presence, but her victory was truly short-lived.” From: “The Transformation: GTE 45”

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