Moving Towards the Transformation

We have been moving towards the transformation of America for decades. FDR saved American capitalism by adding a humane safety net and creating a middle class. All  rapidly disappearing since the  1980 election of Ronald Reagan. Of course, the average American is disgusted; often without hope. They turn to politicians who, in the end, will not help them. They worship at the alter of celebrity like children with their noses pressed up against a candy store they can’t enter. Make no mistake, both political parties are wedded to the rapid division of Americans into simply “Wage Earner” (the WE) and the so-called “Job Creators” (the JC). Donald Trump included. Read how the final transformation of America might occur:

The debate about the role of business in American society was now long over. Business, everyone agreed, was the heart and soul of a healthy and prosperous society. It was clearly counter to everyone’s interests for the Job Creators, the “JCs,” to hand over all their money to the government instead of doing what they did best: create jobs. As the revered Great Transformation President Cross liked to say, “We can’t help the WE by taxing the JC.” And, as he slyly pointed out in his famous speech introducing the new permanent classifications or tiers to the American public, “It is not a coincidence that the initials for our “Job Creators” is “JC” just like that of our Lord and Savior. Amen!”
Excerpt from: The Transformation: GTE 45






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