The Hillary Dilemma

Let’s see, Trump or Hillary? It’s a dilemma. Not becasue I would ever consider voting for Trump. Not ever. In fact, the man probably doesn’t even want to be president. It’s all a show for him and a bit of payback for Obama’s 2011 roasting at the White House Correspondence dinner. Watch it. It’s wildly funny and gives you the ultimate insight into Trump’s current role. And will remind you why no one thought Trump should ever, ever be president!  I’m certainly not the first  to suggest he’s running  as a smack in the face to President Obama’s smack-down of him in 2011. Yet, anyone paying even a bit of attention to Trump’s new reality show gig, “The Candidate 2016,”  knows that Trump can’t break free from those reality TV chains that created and now bind him. So, no, we can’t ever, vote him off the small screen and onto reality’s stage.

However, now to the Hillary dilemma. I have no doubt that if elected she will be indicted and impeached. The email scandal is an impeachment simply waiting to happen. And the worst thing is she knew it, knows it, and yet will barrel down that road to impeachment and disaster for herself and the nation heedless of our future. She needs to step away, but that, alas, appears unlikely. It seems we are destined to watch one bad actor after another roll on and roll over us.

It’s all in The Transformation: GTE 45 on page 222.




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