The Emperor’s New Clothes

Do you all remember the fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes? It’s the story of a  narcissistic emperor duped into paying an exorbitant sum of money for a suit of clothes made from material that doesn’t exist. The Swindler cum Tailor, insists he has sewn the most exquisite suit and only the ignorant can’t see it. The Emperor, not wanting to appear stupid, dons the non-existent suit, even though the mirror reflects nothing more than his naked body. His ministers support the pronouncement that this is the finest suit in the kingdom, maybe in the world. All agree he should show his subjects his new clothes, and off he goes. The townspeople, fearing to disagree, call out congratulating him on the magnificent clothes. The delusion continues until a small child in the crowd calls out: “But he hasn’t got anything on. The Emperor is wearing no clothes.” Only then do all awaken from their delusion.

We are the Emperor. We are the ministers and we are that crowd; duped into believing that Donald Trump is offering up the most fabulous suit of clothing ever created. We want to believe him when he proclaims all will be well once we dispatch those pesky “others” in our midst. We want to believe he can reset the clock, returning us to some golden era. But that American utopia never existed. The American road to “greatness” was, and still is, paved with sacrifice and obtained when we all pull together, as a people and as a nation.

Donald Trump is nothing more than a scam artist selling us an invisible suit of clothing and, if we buy it, we shall soon find ourselves naked, shivering in the cold.

All this unfolds in The Transformation: GTE 45,


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