The Electoral College Lets the Foxes into the Hen House

Well America, this time we’ve truly been blown off course by an Electoral College not representative of the will of the people. 1.3 million more votes (and rising) were cast for Hillary Clinton, yet we got Trump. The last time this happened was when the Electoral College, aided and abetted by a Republic dominated U.S Supreme Court, catapulted George Bush into the White House. That decision brought us endless war and the 2008 Economic Crisis. We’ve never fully recovered from either.

This time, it may be worse. The Electoral College has let the foxes into the hen house. The Republican majority is poised to privatize everything they can- think Medicare and Social Security. We’ll get near worthless  vouchers while the corporations and their fat cat CEOs get fatter. Wave bye, bye to the little that’s left of the New Deal that created the great American middle class. And, if that weren’t sufficient, Trump’s sticky fingered “children” are set to swoop in to raid the national hen house along with the uber rich who (are you ready for this?) will get a windfall in a new round of tax breaks. Not satisfied with this, Trump promises to the end the regulations needed to prevent those rapacious Wall Street bankers who drove us into the 2008 economic ditch from doing it again . Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a rough ride.

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