Of War Criminals and the Man Who Would be King

In our new Trumpian nation there is no truth only alt-facts and alt-reality. Republicans who railed against Obama as dictator citing his Executive Orders stand mute as Trump daily churns out Executive Orders that are draconian, will cost lives and leave our allies and friends around the world staring at us in horror. His latest: President Trump has declared he wants us to torture. He thinks its effective. He is oblivious to the generals and experts, all who say, it’s both ineffective as well as illegal under USA and international law. He’s unfazed by the specter of turning our beloved nation into a criminal nation under the Nuremberg Principals enacted in the wake of the Nazi atrocities. “Only following orders,” the exculpatory plea of the defeated Nazis, was repudiated by civilized nations seventy-two years ago and it won’t fly now.

Our problem: facts and law mean nothing to Trump, the man who would be king.

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