Violence and Speaker Ryan

I was struck today by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s response to the Manchester bombing. He said, in part, “…. to deliberately target innocent children is cowardice in its most heinous form.” So true Mr. Speaker. Yet, as he uttered these words I asked myself, how could an individual who speaks so passionately about the victims of the Manchester bombing so callously advocate depriving millions of Americans of health care? Particularly, the Ryan health care plan, in all its iterations, will deprive and/or severely limit American children’s access to health care under the very successful CHIPs program. At minimum it will cause undue pain and suffering, at its worst countless children will die from lack of healthcare.

Ask Speaker Ryan: how do you not equate such violent acts like the Manchester bombing that you rightly and so vehemently condemn, with the violence your health care policies would inflict on Americans? Is needless death and suffering any more acceptable simply because it is caused by an elected official? Speaker Ryan, why is “deliberately targeting innocent children” in your so-called health care plan not an act of  “cowardice in its most heinous form” ?

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