It’s true: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Today’s New York Times shines a light on the  sheer rapaciousness of the Kushner real estate empire. It is marked by a dogged cruelty and sheer lack of humanity that, well, frankly made my skin crawl. Anyone who has read the numerous books and articles on the Trump real estate empire will see the same strain running through it- squeezing every dime from the vulnerable, failing to pay the little guy and using the legal system to victimize those without the resources to stand against the Trump (or Kushner) machine. Anyone who believes that the Trumps or Kushners were or are Democrats (other than for NYC political expediency) orthat Jared Kushner will exercise a restraining hand on Trump’s bullying and autocratic approach to governance (or as Trump calls it: “ruling”) is sadly misguided. Whether in business, in the Trump/Kushner Executive orders, or the proposed budget, both men display the same heartlessness and authoritarianism in their approach to “ruling” America as they have in the real estate realm.

Ethnic and religious differences aside, both Trump and Kushner share something in common that has cemented their relationship (and no it’s not Ivanka): each are scions to a New York real estate fortune built on the backs of the poor and powerless and both men who have never had to struggle a day in their lives, are willing to travel any path in pursuit of the G-d they worship: the almighty dollar.


  1. The rotten apple definitely does not fall far from the tree. Jared Kushner possesses the same slimy, degenerate qualities like his father who was jailed for his illegal and immoral crimes, all just for selfish monetary gains. Donald, Jr. & Ivanka are definitely the cheating, lying offspring of their pathological liar father. Their valueless moral compass is a learned behavior of me,me,me. Not surprising that the wealthiest people not only are never satisfied already with their obscene wealth, but they lie, cheat, steal , deceive, and step on the backs of all struggling members of society to grab any last dollar they can from the working class.
    This ensures that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It would be one thing if they were charitable people who helped the working class, but they are not and never will be. They are very simple minded, self centered, selfish creatures devoid of any good qualities that would benefit the world and humankind. I see an auto correction coming for people like that from a God who orchestrated a Soddom and Gemarrah correction in biblical times.


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