White (Red) America: It’s the Fourth, Declare Your Independence

The New Deal is on life support. The Republicans have been trying to sweep it away for some eighty-four years. Donald Trump’s elevation to the presidency was, unbeknownst to them, their blessing.  Now, with Trump ensconced in the Oval office and the GOP in control of both chambers of Congress, they can practically taste the end of the New Deal and its progeny, progressive America. They’ve waited 84 years for this moment. Over that time they’ve come so close: Nixon, Reagan but they’ve never reached the goalpost. But Trump is different; a master salesman cum grifter, coming to power during a time when White (red) America’s economic woes and fear of an unraveling world order, make Trump him just what the blossoming American oligarchy ordered. Understanding this, the GOP has cast aside any semblance of morality or love of country and Constitution.  “Emoluments Clause?” they ask, “What’s that?” and “Russian interference in our elections. Silly you! The problem is American voter fraud.”

The danger for the majority of us (yes Donald, you lost the popular vote) is that the Trump base, comprised mostly of angry White (red) Americans blame their lost privileges, status and economic opportunities on every other living human being except those bearing the blame: the preening 1% and their political operatives. Going back to Nixon and his “Southern strategy,” punctuated by Ronald Reagan’s “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help“,  White (red) America has been primed for decades to vote for a demagogue like Trump. So here we are, you got your wish. The GOP wants to step away from your lives. They want to yank away the social safety net. They will let your bridges and roads crumble unless they find a way to outsource for the benefit of private  interests. They will  (absolutely) give you your freedom to choose your own doctor, but good luck paying for it. They will give you school choice, but only the children of the rich will get a genuine education and the   true opportunities and choice that that brings. Expect your children to be funneled, early on in life, into “Training” only. No grand future for them. Indeed, get ready for the “pay as you go” society where it’s everyone for themselves and only the children of the rich succeed becasue their parents can afford to pay and pay and …

White (red) America: I know you are angry. It’s hard to find yourselves in a dead end or with no job at all. It’s hard to see your loved ones succumbing to drug addiction brought about by despair, not lack of “personal responsibility” as you all mouthed for years when drug addiction was rampant amongst “others.” Many, many “others” have had little or no opportunities for hundreds of years in this country, but you looked away. As long as you were comfortable and secure it was all ok. But now it’s not all ok and you still think the answer is to blame the “others” or take away their rights. That’s not the answer. It was never the answer. Our solution, yes our collective solution as a united people and a nation, is to strive for and achieve genuine economic and social justice for all. The answer is to see Trump for who he is and his GOP handlers for who they’ve been for generations: rich and privileged white men who don’t give a damn about you even if you are white and red.

Join the resistance and together let’s continue the march for economic and social justice- we welcome you with open arms.




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