The New Free Speech in Trumpland

The NFL, a private corporation, is about to succumb to the nattering and tweeting directed at them from our bullying POTUS and will shortly require all NFL players to stand during the National Anthem. Should you be concerned? Yes, of course. Free speech it what separates our nation from authoritarian regimes. For centuries it has served as our bulwark against those demagogues who, attempting to profit from momentary fears and national calamities, would reduce us to an unfree people. The sanctity of a free press, our right to boldly disagree with one another and even to take unpopular positions are the pillars on which this nation stands- not on a National Anthem or even on a flag. It has been and always will be our devotion to liberties such as free speech, which will maintain our status as a free and independent people.

If we permit this childish demagogue masquerading as an American president to bully us into standing during the National Anthem where will it end? What will be the next action or thought disliked by Mr. Trump which he proclaims as unpatriotic and must be censored? Once we go down this road it can only lead to one destination: authoritarian rule by Mr. Trump who will, at some future date in the not too distant future, ask us to bend our knee to him as our pledge of allegiance to him, as the smartest, bravest, most stupendous man to ever occupy the White House. At that point, who will be left to say, “no”?

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