I am continually amazed that every average American (those not part of the glorified 1%) do not rise up in unison again the Republican proposed tax heist. What promises to be the biggest transfer of wealth to the top will have the rest of us scrapping for the few crumbs that fall from their table. But it doesn’t end there! To add insult to injury, within 8 years most remaining provisions benefiting the middle class will sunset (be eliminated) to offset the ballooning deficit created from this enormous transfer of wealth.

When asked about the super sized tax savings to a corporate America already awash in cash and to the 1% who already have more than they can spend in 10 lifetimes, Republicans remark casually: The average American will be grateful for even a few hundred dollars in savings. In other words, we have so few expectations we will be grateful for the few crumbs they let fall from their richly provisioned table.

The GOP is now so excited over the prospect of creating an entrenched economic oligarchy that each day seems to bring another gruesome addition to the tax bill. The latest would end the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate thus delivering the final blow to the ACA which will result in huge premium increases and throwing millions off of health care. The Republicans promise this will thin the roles of Social Security recipients as well resulting in big savings!

But all this, as horrible as it is, is only the beginning. The real goal of the Republican party, since the 1930s, is to kill the New Deal, which ushered in liberal America. So here’s the GOP tax plan’s real objective: grow the deficit to such a large number that the GOP will be able to force the termination of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as we know it and every single program benefiting the middle and working classes. “Gee,” they will intone, “look at the deficit we have no choice and we can’t take the job creators as that will tank the economy.” They wrote this script long ago finally they see the opportunity to read it.

Of course, the GOP is banking on the fact that within the decade  most Americans will have been economically ground into dust, barely surviving financially and will be too fearful and beleaguered to speak up. We will have become the “Please Sir, Can I have some more?” society; mere beggars at the gates of the rich and privileged.

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