The Monsters Are on Maple Street

If you’ve never watched The Twilight Zone episode: The Monsters are Due On Maple Street check it out. This prescient episode aired in 1960 at the height of the Cold War. It opens on a late summer afternoon on Maple Street in anywhere small town America. A swoosh of a meteor like object draws the neighborhoods’ attention skyward and from that moment, nothing is the same. The radios, tvs, cars and all modern gadgets cease to work. Alarmed, Maple Street residents send one of their group, Pete Van Horn, on foot, into town to find out what’s up. As evening falls and Van Horn doesn’t return the neighborhood begins to eye each other with suspicion accusing one after the other of being an “alien.” At the height of the hysteria, in the darkness Van Horn returns and one of mouthier men, shoots him dead fearing the approaching figure is an invading alien. Once the error is discovered pandemonium breaks out and the episode ends showing the hysterical crowd in the process of destroying themselves. The irony, as we the viewers learn, is that the disruption was indeed caused by aliens who conclude that these earthlings can be conquered simply by sowing  fear, suspicion and confusion. Once done, the enemy can sit back and watch them destroy themselves – no need for an invading army or bombs-the aliens need only create the environment and we will destroy ourselves.

Isn’t this what the Russians have done? The Cold War taught the Russians they can’t defeat us with armies or bombs. They tried that during the Cold War and it didn’t work. Putin and his crew learned from that mistake. The path to our destruction lies within us.   All they needed to do was install a demagogue great at branding, corrupt the political party of their hand picked tool (asset), sit back and watch. And isn’t this what is occurring? Trump and his vile gang are trying to convince us to destroy our institutions, our Constitutional safeguards and respect for the Rule of Law. Now it is up to We The People to step in and stop the Russian puppet  before it is  too late.  The #NewAmericanRevolution is here and it must be led by us.

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